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Artisan of the Year Award Winners : The Riverside Studio, 14 Riverside, Waters Meeting Road, Bolton BL1 8TU Lancashire, Greater Manchester England UK 01204 392777 / 07788773687
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The STAINED LEADED GLASS School: Stained Glass Courses

Sorry, Due to the ever increasing demands of our studio work we have no courses arranged for 2016.


 Click the video link below to watch Stained Glass Tutor Andrew Seddon during BBC Radio Lancashire Interview teaching the BBC's John Barnes how to cut glass.




 Andrew Seddon Stained Glass Course Tutor

"Hi everyone,

if you are thinking of taking up stained glass as a hobby or business, want to repair the windows in your home or looking for a unique gift experience then I would love you to choose one of my stained glass courses. You can make stained glass even if you have never touched a glass cutter before. Within a few hours you will be confidently cutting complex shapes in coloured glass and building your first ever stained glass window. If you need any further information or want to talk about a project then give me a call or email.

I hope to see you on a course soon!

All the best!"

Andrew Seddon

Stained glass Artist and Academy Tutor


Due to the ever increasing demands of our studio work we have no courses arranged for 2016.


You can learn how to make stained glass in just one day!

Stained Glass Course

Just like Kirstie Allsop on Channel 4's Kirstie's Homemade Home

and Monty Don in BBC2's Mastercraft Stained Glass.


Have Fun learning traditional stained glass making.In just one day you can make a real stained glass window to take home. You can give this wonderful experience as a birthday or Christmas gift.


All courses are run by Award winning Stained Glass Artist - Andrew Seddon


 Andrew has recently been awarded the national honour of the Artisan of the Year, for outstanding support of future artisans.


He has been training stained glass craftspeople for more than 15 years and he has a friendly and caring personalitythat will encourage you to learn the crafts offered in these stained glass courses.


Our courses, classes and workshops are practical, fun and aimed at all levels and abilities so if you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned crafts person there will be something just right for you!




End of the beginners Stained Glass Courses

Next classes :
We have no courses arranged at present.



The recent Basic stained glass course had

four people who came from Bolton, Hyde, Halifax and Macclesfield. The oldest student was Derek from Bolton who is 79 years old.

We worked through the stages of glass cutting

 and leading to make the stained glass that each student took away at the end of the day.

I had some great feed back at the end of the

course on the feed back forms :

“ It was a great introduction and I will be definitely be carrying on with it, thanks.”

“Must come for an expanded course next year.”

“Potentially the start of some creative work.”

“Enjoyed it thoroughly.”





 Begginners stained glass designs
1 Day : Basic Stained Glass Window Making Course

You can learn how to make stained glass in just one day!

This is a similar course that Kirstie Allsop did on on Channel 4's Kirstie's Homemade Home

and Monty Don in BBC2's Mastercraft Stained Glass.


Making Stained Glass
 : the first step to becoming a master stained glass maker
includes lunch and as much tea and coffee as you can drink! 
9.30am to 4.30 pm

Due to the ever increasing demands of our studio work we have no courses arranged 2016.


Length of course : 1 day.
Class Limited to 6 people. No prior experience is necessary and this class has a minimum age of 17 years. 
This is a practical course for absolute beginners and you will make a real traditional stained glass window to take home in just one day!
You will learn how to choose a stained glass design, cut coloured glass to shape, join the individual pieces using H section lead and solder the window together. 









'Here is a lovely letter I received from a lady who came on a recent Basic Stained Glass Making Day Course.

Also a postcard from a happy student of the academy.

I really do value your feedback and I am always looking at ways to improve the courses to make them a truly unforgettable experience.'

Andrew Seddon, stained glass artist  and tutor.


 March 2012

This is a very kind email from Mark who came on the Beginners Stained Glass Course recently :

Hi Andrew

I just wanted to thank you for the splendid course that you ran yesterday. It proved to be even more enjoyable than I had anticipated.

From learning how to cut glass to assembling and completing our own small stained glass panel you explained everything clearly and concisely and was on hand to help out with any questions or practical assistance.

I now appreciate the skill involved in putting these fantastic creations together and it was a pleasure to be taught by a master of his craft.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your course to anyone interested in the art of traditional stained glass making.

I couldn't sign off without also thanking Mrs Seddon for the scrumptious food she provided.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying day.

Best wishes
























This is an independent assessment of the stained glass course by Anne Marie , who came on the one day basic course in May 2011

My Diary of a wonderful day : Basic Stained Glass Window Making Course

For many years I’ve admired from a distance the intricate artistry of stained glass windows and this year I decided to take a closer look. After scanning the internet for beginner classes, I found Andrew’s basic stained glass window course. Of all the bewildering array of stained glass products you can make, only Andrew’s focuses specifically on windows. This was what I was interested so I booked myself in. I knew there would be aspects of the course I would find really difficult. Nevertheless I was willing to try my best and get cut!


As soon as I walked through the door on an overcast May morning I was struck with the warm atmosphere in the studio. Andrew won me over immediately with his calm but confident manner. His instructions were incredibly clear and I loved the way we really did start at the beginning: how to cut glass. At first I didn’t use enough pressure to cut the glass so Andrew gave me another glass cutter with an angled head. This worked beautifully and I realised how easy it really was.


After mastering straight lines, we progressed onto curves. This was much easier than straight lines mainly because I was deliberately curving ‘freehand’ rather than following a particular line. Just as I was getting into the swing of things it was time for a coffee break.


Returning to the studio, Andrew gave us a design template made up of curves and straight lines and asked us to cut out a part of the template. This was a bit of a shock as it seemed a big leap to go from randomly cutting glass to a more deliberate approach. Nevertheless, it quickly became clear that cutting out the template was a natural progression from the curve exercise.


Once we had mastered the part of the template, Andrew showed us four or five window templates and asked us to choose one to make. I chose one that reminded me of Piet Mondrian’s famous Composition pieces. I love clear structures and this was a piece constructed of all straight lines that wouldn’t test me too much in terms of my cutting abilities. Furthermore this would free up my mind to take on board other creative elements.


My favourite part was choosing the glass. Never before had I considered the colour, texture, density, transparency of glass and seeing an array of beautiful shades of blue, red and yellow with different textures and patterns was magical. This is where my creatively went into overdrive and I could see a thousand different combinations.


Lunch was amazing. If you have seen the photo for the buffet, it is exactly as you see it. What’s more, is it’s all made by Mrs Seddon with a lot of love and care. There are generous proportions and everything is very fresh. It had struck me earlier when we broke for coffee earlier that morning that it wasn’t just tea and coffee on offer but really lovely biscuits too. Having such good quality food and drink presented in such a professional way left me with the impression that the clients are really valued.


Keen to return to our windows, after lunch we finished cutting and positioning, ready to lead them windows. This was fascinating and quite tricky too. I kept getting my lead a couple of millimetres out so they were either a little too short or long. Andrew was always on hand to help, though, and he showed me what I was doing wrong.


Eventually all the leading was in place and it was my second favourite part: soldering. As a teenager I’d been introduced to this nifty tool by a handy boyfriend, but had not touched one in years. This soldering iron was considerably larger than the little irons I’d used before and really exciting. I loved soldering and whipped through the task enthusiastically if not a tad messily. That left it ready for polishing and blacking which was just like polishing a pair of shoes. It was amazing what a difference it made. What was even more amazing, was that I really did have a little window to take home.


Leaning over the fence the next day, I proudly showed my neighbour the window I had made and was taken aback at how impressed she was. However, I shouldn’t have been. I had a masterclass with a mastercraftsman.

 by Anne Marie : July 2011


Here are some kind comments from our course feedback form about a recent basic stained glass course.



Bolton News Article 2008: Andrew to open new windows of opportunity

AN award-winning stained-glass artist is opening his own academy — making Bolton a centre of excellence for the artform.

Andrew Seddon, managing director of Classical Glass in St Helens Road, has won an award for training apprentices in the Country Living Magazine’s Balvenie Artisans Awards — the Oscars of the craft world.

Now he plans to open an academy to run short courses teaching people interested in taking it up as a hobby.


Mr Seddon, aged 44, former engineer, is self-taught and started

an apprenticeship programme after the difficulties he faced learning the art.

He said: “I started the business in 1991 and took on my first apprentice about 15 years ago.

“I worked at British Aerospace as an engineer and took up stained glass as a hobby. I decided to have a career change because I have a passion for art.

“I could not find anywhere to take on an apprentice, so I taught myself and then started an apprenticeship programme.

“It takes about a year to learn the art fully, but I recognise there are people who don’t have that much time to dedicate but would enjoy a short course.”

The academy is believed to be the first of its kind.

Mr Seddon said: “The vision is to make crafts more popular, and in these uncertain times I would like to see a return to the joy of making presents for loved ones, which will save money and be much nicer to receive.

“While other industries have seen a downturn, our business has remained stable.”

The company makes stained glass windows for churches, schools, hotels, and private homes.

Recently, the firm has made pieces for Emmanuel Church in Deane, Leverhulme Primary School in Breightmet, St William of York Primary School in Great Lever and restored stained glass windows at Bolton Parish Church in Churchgate.


Cancelled Bookings.
No refund or transfer of dates can be given if you cancel your booking within 10 working days of the courses date. No refund or credit of fees will be made for a program that is started but not completed.
This is because we have had a number of cancellations within a couple of days of the course date which makes it impossible to fill the places and so we have to run half empty courses which really do spoil the day for everyone concerned.

Due to the ever increasing demands of our studio work we have no courses arranged for 2016.


Please note that we reserve the right to cancel or re-arrange courses if there are insufficient numbers booked in, there is very bad weather, or if the tutor is ill.